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Smart on crime

The “tough on crime” approach isn’t working.

The U.S. has the highest per capita rate of people incarcerated or on probation in the world. And still, violent crime is at record levels.

Something needs to change so that the people in our community will both be safe and feel safe.

Breaking the cycle of criminality to ensure public safety — once and for all

The overwhelming majority of people convicted of crimes will return to the communities where they offended and were prosecuted when their sentences are complete. The most important question the justice system must answer, then, is how will they return? Will they have the mindset and skills to be successful in achieving future pro-social behavior? Or will they be seen as damaged and irredeemable? Unemployable? Unrentable?

For decades, the Dakota County Attorney’s Office has treated the pronouncement of a sentence to be the end of a case, without a thought for what happens next to either the offender or the victim. Rather than address the complexities of the system of crime and punishment, the senior administration of the Dakota County Attorney’s Office has ignored them in favor of “staying tough on crime.”

The result was completely predictable—the needle has moved, but not in the direction of greater public safety.

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Jeff Sheridan for Dakota County Attorney

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